The eBike Panoramica scenic trail

We leave Cattolica and Emilia Romagna cycling towards Gabicce Mare, the first center of the Marche region. From here we will go up to Gabicce Monte along the suggestive Panoramica road, which will take us to the San Bartolo Park.

Pedalling on the gentle bends of the Panoramica, we will admire the cliff overlooking the sea, which is a rare and characteristic trait in the whole Adriatic coast. We will stop at Vallugola Bay, at the base of the hill where a thin beach of gravel and pebbles runs. We will continue to the medieval village of Casteldimezzo, stopping later for a snack at Fiorenzuola di Focara, a village already mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the 28th canto of the Inferno.

The itinerary includes the opportunity to go down to Pesaro, or to deviate and return to Cattolica.