Beginners or experts? Don't worry, there is something for everyone...

Bassa Romagna and Montefeltro are perfect areas for a nice mountain bike ride. There is a wide array of paths that vary is level of expertise and length, making this area truly unique. Even if you have never gone off-road, there is no problem at all. Everything is safe and extremely fun.

We take out Mtb from Hotel Ancora and in just two kilometers we are on the bike path of the Conca river, or immersed in the Regional Park of Monte San Bartolo.

If we already tried and tested, and we want to try something more adventurous, the Alta Valconca offers unique routes and scenery thanks to the most beautiful villages in Italy of Monte Grimano Terme, Montecerignone, Montefiore Conca and Gradara, perched on easily accessible hills from paths immersed in oak woods or along the first ridges of Montefeltro.

If we have a real passion for fat-tire bikes and we love extreme challenges, Monte Carpegna, San Leo and San Marino are the spots that hit us right. Trail of varying difficulty, Single-Track, Flow descents, long climbs and breathtaking landscapes to be experienced just a few kilometers from the sea of Cattolica!